what we do


At Sunset Hills Community Club, we’re dedicated to enriching the educational experience for our students and fostering a strong sense of community among families, teachers, and staff. As the Community Club we:


Organize Events: We plan and host a variety of events throughout the year, from fun family nights to educational workshops, all aimed at bringing our community closer together.



Support Our School: We provide financial and volunteer support for school programs, projects, and initiatives that enhance the learning environment and help our students thrive.



Encourage Volunteering: We offer numerous opportunities for parents and family members to get involved, from classroom assistance to event planning and execution.



Build Connections: We facilitate communication and collaboration among parents, teachers, and the school administration, ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard and valued.



Promote School Spirit: We help boost school pride by coordinating the sale of spirit wear and organizing spirit days and other school-wide activities.


Join us in making Sunset Hills the best it can be for our students and community! 







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